Vitrima 3D lens
defining and distinguishing the mobile experience



This project provided our team the opportunity to explore the intersection of interaction and product design. With a number of undefined variables in play, we delivered a flow and structure that spoke to the product's creative and strategic needs.

Anne Levy, Emily Schleier

Understanding the Problem

Vitrima, a 3D GoPro lens attachment, needed a mobile app to complement their soon-to-be-released product.

We found that though many GoPro users already have a way to store, edit, and view their videos (including 3D) through the GoPro app. However, we also found that future Vitrima users could be interested in evolving, dynamic experiences to round out their interactions with the product. 


The Design

In order to accommodate a wide range of potential user needs, we determined that app must be:

Fun & Self-expressive
Simple & Straightforward
Respectful & Empathetic

Social & Inspirational