user experience designer.
supremely expressive.
neuro and arts lover.
addicted to myofasical release,
standing desks, and dark chocolate.
lifelong fan of the ampersand.

I love working with people, understanding behaviors, and seizing every opportunity to refine my skills and push my limits. Above all, I love finding connections between seemingly unrelated things - figuring out how individual pieces fit into a larger whole. Before training at DESIGNATION, I had many incredible opportunities: running my own blog, working for the government, teaching and mentoring in my community, and performing with amazing, talented artists.














I'm driven by a passion to do really GOOD work in this world. I believe that inspiration can take on many different forms, and that great design has the power to change lives. I'm always eager to be a part of "let's-rethink-the-way-this-has-always-been-done" projects and make exciting new connections in the process.


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